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  • Anti-Aging Cream For Your Association

    Anti-aging cream for your association

    Anti-aging cream for your association

    As an organizational consultant I get to see the faces and hearts of countless organizations each year.  What do I see?  It’s an older leader trying to lead a younger generation that doesn’t want the same things the previous generation did.  I’m often asked, “What do organizations need?”

    Suddenly it hit me… anti-aging crème

    You see September is my birthday and if you know me you know my birthday in my mind should be a national holiday.  We should close the post offices and spend the entire day all about me. This is my first year ever celebrating my birthday living in a new city.  So I had the opportunity to feel the experience of flying home to see friends and family.  First gift I opened when I arrived back in Portland a bottle of very exclusive anti-aging cream.  I’d love to tell you this was joke.  No not with this friend.  In search of making a little positive out of this not so gag should have been a gag-gift I went look for answers.  Answer ta da anti-aging crème for your association.

    Yup -come on, admit it you all wish you could have some?  Open the box, pop open the bottle rub it on and suddenly you are a young member magnet.

    Here are a few things to consider as anti-aging cream for your association.

    Buying anti-aging cream is an exercise in 3 of your 4 senses hearing, smell and touch.

    1. Hearing

    What the heck does hearing have to do with anti-aging cream?  In todays social marketplace it has everything to do with it.  My friend purchased this cream for herself and for me based on what review she had heard about it from other friends.  It’s a social world.  What are your members saying about your association?  How are they saying it?  If you want to do a little anti-aging in your association you must embrace using a social platform to get out your message.  Do you have “raving fans” are you leveraging them to sell your products, services and events.  I guarantee you that is how your younger members and future leaders will hear about you now.  It’s not an email, a flyer or gaud help me a fax.

    1. Smell

    Did Holly really just equate smell to an association?  Yes yes she did.  If you been in the association world any amount of time you know that sometimes things smell a little fishy.  We are sensing feeling human beings.  From the moment we walk into a room we generally know who the leaders are, who the leaders are not, who is the wait staff and who is the sponsor of an event.  Take a whiff of my new aging cream.  It was clear, clean fresh and new.  Now smell around your association is it clear in vision, fresh and update willing to take on new ideas?  Clean up any cloudy issues around association leadership and your vision/mission are you clear and transparent in your operations?  Does your association feel and smell inviting?  If not – you’ve got anti-aging work to do.  Younger members want to be a part of things that are open to new ideas.  Is your organization willing to act on younger members ideas?  If not they will run away, if you want to pull in younger members and do a little anti-aging get on this tip.

    1. Touch

    Is your association packaging looking a little dated?  No matter what you are buying as a consumer you want it to feel modern, clean, and fresh.  There is a reason that Apple doesn’t put your new ipad, computer or mini in a brown paper bag.  It’s the “cool” factor when you walk out with the box or silver bag around the store.  What packaging do you have for your association?  Most of our associations don’t offer physical products our packaging is our newsletters, web page and event promotions.  Put a little anti-aging cream on. Do an analysis are you using cool up to date, dare I say in fashion colors and fonts?  If not update your packaging.

    I’m not sure how the sands of time have passed that I can say I’ve been an association leader +10 years and a meeting professional +10 before that.  I know that sand falls thru the hourglass fast.  I’m very lucky that I haven’t had to buy anti-aging cream thanks to my dear friends not so gag gift.  Most of my clients however need to.  If you ever look around your association and wonder how your members got so old?  And by “old” I mean not age.  I mean they have been around the association forever.  Take a moment and open the anti-aging crème discussion at your board meeting.  How do you sound, smell and feel?  Would you buy you?  What should you do to look younger today?

    P.S.  If you are interested in L’dara I’d be happy to share my experience.  It’s great stuff!



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